All was perfectly peaceful by the river. Just the sound of the wind rustling the reeds, the occasional splash of a fish - and the clicking of a mouse

Hi, my name is Neil. I’m a freelance graphic designer from Northamptonshire who lives and works on the water.

Welcome to my web page.

About Me:

I’m a multi-disciplined and flexible graphic designer, with about 20 years commercial experience designing for a variety of companies in business, retail and service sectors.

I quit the full-time graphic design job I had a few years ago, and now lead a calmer, yet fuller, life on a Narrowboat called Way Out.

I do, however, still get up to graphic designing, which I enjoy, in a freelance, as required capacity. Although the mostly off-grid boat lifestyle is somewhat less expensive than living in a house on the land, I still need to make a living. 

The personal service I offer the clients I work for is quality design, that suits their needs and at a very reasonable price. Communication is also directly with me, the designer, and not, for example, an account manager.

I am also able to offer good prices for printed material and vinyl graphics (including fitting) with my contacts in the print and exhibition industry.

Services I offer include design for:

•  Advertising
•  Leaflet and brochure design
•  Brand Identity
•  Corporate Stationary
•  Exhibitions and Point of Sale
•  Illustration
•  Packaging
•  Signage
•  Vinyl graphics for vehicles (inc. boats)
•  Infographics
•  Photo editing
•  Artworking
•  3d modeling and visualisation
•  WordPress webpages

You can take a look at my graphic design work on my ‘work examples’ page. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information via my ‘contacts’ page, and I’ll get back to you asap. Or, perhaps you might like to visit the boat for a coffee and chat? – or even a small trip along the river!? (weather permitting) – and a chat?



Freelance graphic design from a boat

If I could choose the life I pleased
Then I would be a boatman
Along the canals and the rivers free
No hasty words are spoken
My only law the river breeze
Would take me to the open seas
If I could choose the life I pleased
Then I would be a boatman

‘The Boatman’ – Levellers 1991

My boat is called ‘Way Out’. DD3 is the name I have given to the design department of my life on the Way Out. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to buy a narrowboat (something I’d wanted to do for years) and I set out on an intrepid mission to explore the waterways of England. My simple aim was to live and work on my boat, and stay afloat. To this day the mission continues. For how long remains to be seen. Where it will take me, likewise, remains to be seen. This I like.

I’ve met many good people on my boat journey that sum up the reasons why they are on their boaty journeys by the phrase ‘life’s too short not to’. It’s as simple as that for me too. Life is not only short, but it’s hurtling by at an alarming rate – needless to say is getting shorter and passing faster. Some things 20 years ago seem like last week! 20 years in the future…!?

So, I want to live my life NOW, and if I can, HOW I want to live it. I think I owe it to myself, as we all do. Just so happens that I want to live on a boat and wander about on the river – between working as a freelance graphic designer, on a boat.

There are many practicalities that need to be addressed for this lifestyle to work, and to be sustainable. It’s not all about floating around the place in the sun. Far from it. I’ll cover some of these later.

Meanwhile, feel free to take a look at the photos page for snapshot of the vibe of where I’m going with this journey. Also  take a look at my work examples page for the type of stuff I have been getting up to with my graphic design – as a freelance graphic designer, on a boat.



Work examples

It's not all about messing about in boats

The above scrolling thumbnail examples give an idea of the range of freelance graphic design work I get up to. Below are some of the projects in more detail, with a small explanation of their purpose and how they were created. If you would like to discuss any of the above shown projects, or would like more detail about them, please contact me on the contacts page.

Process animation for W2O Environment

This is an animation I made for W2O Environment Limited to explain the reverse osmosis process for water purification. It is one of a number I created as part of an interactive presentation used in conferences. The model was built and animated using Autodesk Maya and Final Cut Pro X.

Interactive presentation for W2O Environment

This is the interactive presentation that the above animations are contained in. It is used by W2O as a learning and conference aid. It is a stand-alone/self-contained Flash document with all pictures and videos embedded that doesn’t rely on an internet connection to work. Navigation is achieved via the interactive model on the main screen. It is used at conferences where it is projected behind the speaker and operated from a laptop.

Info graphics for LPP

The above information sheets are A0 in size on laminated stock for repeated use at NHS London Procurement Partnership conferences.

Barn conversion 3d visual

This barn conversion visualisation was created by making a 3d model in Autodesk Maya and photo montaging with a picture of the existing building in Photoshop.

Solar car port model/visual

3d model of a car parking port with a solar array on the canopy.

Animation of a milling process

This animation was created to explain a material powder milling process. Created in Autodesk Maya and Final Cut Pro X.

Club Eclectica music venue


Theme based on amp valves for a music venue that features electronic and eclectic sounds.

Cowan Baxter brand identity

Logo design and brand identity for a new sports therapy business. Ideas based around the healing hand symbol and curve of a spine.

Charity event poster

Facebook event header and poster for a charity event to raise money for the Epilepsy Society and Narcolepsy uk.
note – I undertake work for good causes on a free of charge basis (as above) or for a very much reduced cost.

Music tuition advertising

Facebook business header, logo and leaflet/flyer design for James Fifield piano tuition.

Vehicle and boat vinyls

An example of vinyl lettering on a narrowboat. In this case the name of the boat is ‘Way Out’ so a white vinyl with Johnston’s Underground font and arrow on a gloss vinyl black to match the rest of the boat’s hull.

Vector artwork for vinyl banners

Vector illustration and artwork for a small business on the river Nene called ‘Dame Joody’.

Poster design

Poster design for an event to raise funds for the Performing Rooms in Northampton.