Freelance graphic design from a boat

If I could choose the life I pleased
Then I would be a boatman
Along the canals and the rivers free
No hasty words are spoken
My only law the river breeze
Would take me to the open seas
If I could choose the life I pleased
Then I would be a boatman

‘The Boatman’ – Levellers 1991

My boat is called ‘Way Out’. DD3 is the name I have given to the design department of my life on the Way Out. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to buy a narrowboat (something I’d wanted to do for years) and I set out on an intrepid mission to explore the waterways of England. My simple aim was to live and work on my boat, and stay afloat. To this day the mission continues. For how long remains to be seen. Where it will take me, likewise, remains to be seen. This I like.

I’ve met many good people on my boat journey that sum up the reasons why they are on their boaty journeys by the phrase ‘life’s too short not to’. It’s as simple as that for me too. Life is not only short, but it’s hurtling by at an alarming rate – needless to say is getting shorter and passing faster. Some things 20 years ago seem like last week! 20 years in the future…!?

So, I want to live my life NOW, and if I can, HOW I want to live it. I think I owe it to myself, as we all do. Just so happens that I want to live on a boat and wander about on the river – between working as a freelance graphic designer, on a boat.

There are many practicalities that need to be addressed for this lifestyle to work, and to be sustainable. It’s not all about floating around the place in the sun. Far from it. I’ll cover some of these later.

Meanwhile, feel free to take a look at the photos page for snapshot of the vibe of where I’m going with this journey. Also  take a look at my work examples page for the type of stuff I have been getting up to with my graphic design – as a freelance graphic designer, on a boat.